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Install UniSat


UniSat Wallet is a browser extension-based wallet that runs in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge). UniSat Wallet allows users to safely and easily store, send and receive BTC and Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Open Google Chrome and visit Chrome Web Store (opens in a new tab), search UniSat Wallet:

Click the Add to Chrome button:

After the installation is complete, go to the wallet home page:

If you have already registered a wallet, select I already have a wallet, here select Create new wallet to create a Bitcoin wallet.

Then enter the login password and click Continue:

Next, write down the wallet’s mnemonic phrase (12 words) on a piece of paper and keep it:

Then select the Bitcoin wallet address type as Taproot:

Then enter the main interface of the wallet:

When you see this interface, it means that your Bitcoin wallet has been created and you can start your blockchain journey!

Click the settings icon in the navigation bar. Here you can select the wallet address type, check which websites the current wallet is connected to, select a network (mainnet/testnet), change the login password, or lock the wallet.

For easier access, we can pin the UniSat icon to the browser navigation bar.

Click the plug-in icon in the upper right corner of your browser:

Click this nail icon to switch whether to pin UniSat to the navigation bar:

At this point, you have completed the installation of UniSat Wallet. Next, we will introduce how to use UniSat Wallet to interact with the Rooch network.