2023 Q1 - Project Kick-Start

Main deliverables include:

2023 Q2 - Alpha Test

At this stage a centralized public Rooch test environment will be available, including:

  • Rooch CLI
  • Rooch customized Move framework

2023 Q3 - Testnet

The following components will be delivered:

  • Sequencer Design and Implementation
  • Proposer Design and Implementation
  • DA Design and Implementation
  • SDK

2023 Q4 - Mainnet Ready Testnet

At this stage all the necessary components for launching Rooch Network mainnet will be ready:

  • Fraud Proof
  • Parallel Transaction Processing
  • Tokenomics

Mainnet Launch

Exact time depends on the implementations and testings of relevant components.

Estimated 2023 Q4 or 2024 Q1