Rooch Portal

Rooch Portal


Rooch Portal is a comprehensive dashboard designed to simplify the management of Bitcoin wallets such as Unisat and provide users with an intuitive interface to manage their Bitcoin and Rooch accounts. The portal provides a centralized platform for tracking and organizing all assets, inscriptions and other related financial activities.


  • Wallet Connect: Easily connect and manage your Bitcoin wallet such as Unisat.
  • Asset Management: View and manage your Bitcoin and Rooch account assets in one place.
  • Inscription Tracking: Keep track of all your inscriptions and related activities.
  • User-friendly interface: Browse your financial information through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Safe and secure: Prioritize the security and privacy of your financial data.


After opening the Rooch Portal URL, as shown below:

This is the homepage of the Rooch Portal, which mainly displays an overview of the assets of the Rooch account, which will be introduced in detail in the Assets section.

The sidebar on the left is the functional navigation area: including Assets, Mint, Trade, Leap, Apps, Transactions, and Settings.

In the lower left corner are buttons for switching the interface language and interface light and dark themes, as well as a display of the currently connected address.

In the upper right corner is the button to connect to the wallet.


How to receive Gas

Please refer to Get Rooch Gas Coin.

When using Portal for the first time, you need to send a transaction to generate a session key, otherwise Portal cannot be used normally.

How to connect wallet

Click the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner. You will be prompted to connect the wallet. Click to connect Unisat Wallet. If it has not been installed yet, please refer to the UniSat official documentatio (opens in a new tab).