About Rooch Network


The idea of Rooch Network is to build an infrastructure solution for Web3 Native applications who can revolutionize our current internet once and for all.

Our methodology is to build a great a product that speak for itself. This product should be the root of more great Web3 products who can do the same.

Together with our community we shall drive the trend of Web3 boom and onboard the next billion users.


Rooch is an open-source project, and we welcome anyone to join and contribute.

To better involve our community members, we will soon launch more details regarding how to join and work at RoochDAO.

For now, if you would like to participate in the Rooch project, feel free to join the Rooch Discord (opens in a new tab) and let us know.

Media Assets

To download logo and brading files → Media Assets


To contact the team, feel free to email us: [email protected]