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Rooch Network

A modular Layer2 network on Ethereum with multi-chain settlement, powered by Move Language

Why Rooch

The multi-chain ecosystem needs an intermediate layer to connect the blockchains and web3 applications.

What is Rooch

Rooch is a Move Execution layer that connects Multi-Chains to Web3. It provides scalability for public chains, Move execution environment and settlement protocol for Web3 applications.

How it works

Learn how Rooch implements multi-chain settlement, how to ensure decentralization and security, how to support applications on P2P networks, and more.


MoveFunsDAO has gathered more than 250 Move developers for the purpose of collective action and learning within the broader Move ecosystem, including Aptos, Starcoin, and Sui.

Founded by experts and professors in security, MoveBit is a blockchain security company focused on Move ecosystem security.

A zero-knowledge Move language runtime environment. Safe, Efficient, and Privacy-protected.