Get BTC test coin

Get BTC test coin

We open the website to receive BTC test coins: https://coinfaucet.eu/en/btc-testnet/ (opens in a new tab)

On the settings page of our UniSat wallet, switch the address type to a non-Taproot type. The current faucet does not currently support Taproot addresses to receive BTC test coins.

Enter the wallet address at the redemption address:

After waiting a few seconds, you can see the test coins received:

Tip: If there is a network agent, you can receive it once, switch to another agent node (if the IP address changes at this time, it will be recognized as a new device), and you can receive it again.

At this time, we will transfer the BTC test currency from the Native Segwit type address to the Taproot type address through transfer to facilitate subsequent testing.

After switching to the Taproot address, click to copy address:

At this time, there is no BTC test coin!

Go through the settings page again, switch back to the Native Segwit type address, paste the Taproot type address just copied, fill in the transfer amount, here we will transfer 0.0003 BTC, click Next:

Click the Sign & Pay button:

At this point, our Taproot address already has test coins: