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Install MetaMask


MetaMask is a browser extension-based wallet that runs in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge). MetaMask was originally developed as a browser wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. Now it can interact with the corresponding blockchain network as long as the blockchain network implements its relevant interfaces. The Rooch network currently supports the use of MetaMask to interact and manage crypto assets.


Open Google Chrome and visit Chrome Web Store (opens in a new tab):

Click the Add to Chrome button:

If prompted, select the Add extension button:

  • 1: Choose the appropriate interface language
  • 2: Check the terms of use
  • 3: Create a new wallet
  • Or: You already have a MetaMask wallet before, you can choose to import the existing private key to restore the wallet

The default selection is I agree:

Enter the password to unlock the MetaMask wallet on your local machine, check the terms of use, and click the Create a new wallet button:

Note: This password is different from the private key!

Secure my wallet is selected by default:

Click the Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase button to display the private key mnemonic phrase:

Find a piece of paper and write down the mnemonic phrase, and click Next:

Fill in the missing mnemonic, confirm that the copied mnemonic is correct, and click the confirm button:

When you see this interface, it means that your Ethereum wallet has been created and you can start your blockchain journey!

This is the main interface of MetaMask wallet:

For easier access, we can pin the MetaMask icon to the browser navigation bar.

Click the plug-in icon in the upper right corner of your browser:

Click this nail icon to switch whether to pin MetaMask to the navigation bar:

At this point, you have completed the installation of MetaMask. Next, we will introduce how to use MetaMask to interact with the Rooch network.