In this document you can find answers to several questions we have frequently been asked.

What are the applications Rooch is targeting as an infrastructure? How does Rooch attract users and developers?

All the Modular blockchain infras, including us, we are trying to push the boundary of blockchain technology, so the blockchain applications can grow in an environment that has less limits and more features. The problem of what we can do with "less limits and more features", I believe, is a shared problem for all Layer2 or Modular Infras.

On the one hand, we haven't seen any killer app on any of the Layer2 or Modular blockchains. On the other hands, the applications we are familiar with, e.g. DeFi and NFT, are rather simple and light who are already dominated by monolithic Layer1s. So the answer to this question is essentially a matter of vision - do you believe there will be more complexed decentralized applications enabled by a better infrastructure.

And our answer is simply yes, we believe there will be killer Web3 apps enabled by modular infras, something that we haven't seen before. However we can't present that app yet, as it takes the effort of the whole industry to reach that point. We simply got this answer based on our technology instinct. But it is clear to us that, at Rooch, we will need to not only spend effort on building the infra, but also explore applications. We have some ideas but only at very early stage and its hard to describe. We will have some concrete demos perhaps later this year.

How do you compare Rooch with other similar projects?

Key Innovations

What's the status of the Rooch project?

The team is working towards the Rooch v0.1 (opens in a new tab) release as well as the Alpha Testnet launch which is scheduled for Q2 2023.

The mainnet will be ready by the end of 2023.

How do I learn about developing on Rooch?

You may program the smart contract with Move Language. Here are some reference learning materials:

The alpha testnet will be launched soon.

Compare the Move Framework of Rooch and Aptos/Sui

Rooch will support multiple Move L1 Frameworks and we have made preliminary progress in the combination of Object Move and Global Storage Move. We will make efforts towards building compatibility with both Aptos-Move and Sui-Move.