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Rooch is a modular layer2 that supports multi-chain settlement, using Move as the smart contract language and security guaranteed by Ethereum. It aims to connect the multi-chain ecosystem with Web3, provides scalability for public chains, Move execution environment and settlement protocol for Web3 DApp.

The name Rooch is a shortcut for Root & Branch. We thought the name was a good representation of the Rooch's position in the ecosystem.


Chain is the root, DApp is the branch, and Rooch connects Root and Branch.

  1. Why Rooch? This document answers this question from the perspective of current public chains scaling solutions and the requirements of Web3 applications.
  2. What is Rooch? This document explains the key features of Rooch.
  3. If you want to learn more about How Rooch is worked, you can read the chapter Technical Architecture to learn about its technical implementation.