Getting Started
First account

First account

This tutorial mainly introduces how to obtain a Rooch account.

Get a Rooch account using the CLI

There are two ways to obtain Rooch using the command line: automatically create a default account during default initialization, and manually call the account creation command to generate a new account.

  1. Default account
[joe@mx sources]$ rooch init
Rooch server config file generated at /home/joe/.rooch/rooch_config/server.yaml
Creating client config file ["/home/joe/.rooch/rooch_config/rooch.yaml"].
Enter a password to encrypt the keys. Press enter to leave it an empty password:
Generated new keypair for address [rooch1hs6dmxs5p2exlz85vmy75l4pg5rmcfu4mn75kmr6c62d60pwrjxsl39uea]
Secret Recovery Phrase : [eagle warm pull merit hunt visual top pig arctic derive observe village]
Rooch client config file generated at /home/joe/.rooch/rooch_config/rooch.yaml

Here a rooch1hs6dmxs5p2exlz85vmy75l4pg5rmcfu4mn75kmr6c62d60pwrjxsl39uea account is generated, the address is in bech32 format, and its recovery phrase (mnemonic).

This is the account generated when rooch init is used to initialize the Rooch configuration. The account is stored in $HOME/.rooch/rooch_config/rooch.keystore.

You can use rooch account list to view the corresponding hex type address.

Tip: Currently, Rooch uses bech32 format addresses uniformly, and the hex address will only be used when writing the Move contract.

Create manually

[joe@mx sources]$ rooch account create
Generated new keypair for address with key pair type [rooch1p0ng4kpllwsahrd69ywpv9sfdgpgajtt777vq6f9c9sdu4t2e2es6txz5d]
Secret Recovery Phrase : [eagle warm pull merit hunt visual top pig arctic derive observe village]

A new account is manually created here, rooch1p0ng4kpllwsahrd69ywpv9sfdgpgajtt777vq6f9c9sdu4t2e2es6txz5d.

This account address is derived from the same set of mnemonic words, so it can also be recovered using the same mnemonic word.

Create an account with Rooch Portal

When connecting to the Rooch Portal using UniSat, a Rooch account is automatically created and linked to the Bitcoin account.

Please refer to Rooch Portal for detailed usage.