Rooch v0.2 release, launching developer testnet

Rooch v0.2 has been released, featuring AccountAbstraction, introducing a Dashboard, and launching a developer testnet. This is part of Rooch's second milestone called "Sprouting."

Key Features of Rooch v0.2

Main features of this release include:

Rooch Command Line and Nodes

  1. Improved local configuration files and private key management. Added functionality to recover private keys through mnemonics and enhanced local private key security. Future upgrades will ensure client configuration file compatibility.
  2. Implemented storage for states, transactions, and events.


  • Introduced AuthenticationAbstraction, allowing third parties to develop Authentication Validator to extend signature validation or social logins.
  • Implemented SessionKey. These temporary private keys can sign transactions and are stored within the app rather than the wallet. This avoids the need for wallet signatures with every operation, enhancing user experience.

For a detailed design on Rooch AccountAbstraction, refer to: Design and Implementation of Account Abstraction.

Ethereum Support

  • Rooch Move Framework now support Ethereum address mapping and Ethereum signature verification.
  • Improved Rooch's Ethereum RPC API and enhanced support for MetaMask.
  • Launched Rooch Ethereum Relayer and Move Ethereum light client prototype to synchronize Ethereum block headers' timestamps to Rooch.

Bitcoin Support

  • Rooch Move Framework now support Bitcoin address mapping and Bitcoin signature verification.
  • Provide Schnorr signature validation in Move.

Advanced Multi-chain Settlement Solutions

Move Standard Library, Framework and Virtual Machine


This version standardizes RPC API outputs and inputs, promising future RPC API compatibility.

  • Offered transaction query and traversal API: rooch_getTransactionsByHash, rooch_getTransactionsByOrder.
  • Offered state query and traversal API: rooch_getStates, rooch_listStates.
  • Offered event traversal API: rooch_getEventsByEventHandle.
  • Introduced balance query and traversal API: rooch_getBalance, rooch_getBalances.
  • Released Rooch Typescript SDK (opens in a new tab).

For currently supported API, see: Rooch JSON RPC.

Rooch Dashboard

The Rooch Dashboard is a web application based on Rooch JSON RPC, providing state and transaction queries, and account setting management features. More features will be added in the future. Visit: (opens in a new tab).

Users can operate the Dashboard through MetaMask. Instructions available at: Rooch Dashboard User Guide

Developer Testnet

Developer Network Information:

  1. Name: dev
  2. ChainID: 3
  3. RPC: (opens in a new tab)

For guidance on using the developer testnet, refer to: Connecting to Developer Testnet.

Next Steps

Rooch's primary objectives moving forward:

  1. Connect to the DA chain, allowing Rooch to initiate Move applications' sovereign Rollup.
  2. Launch the official testnet, providing a stable testing environment for developers to deploy apps and for users to try out.
  3. Achieve asset interoperability with Ethereum, allowing users to deposit ETH/ERC20 assets into Rooch.
  4. Realize data interoperability with Bitcoin, enabling developers to process and verify Bitcoin transactions on Rooch using Move.

For more, stay tuned to: Rooch v0.3 Roadmap (opens in a new tab).


Rooch's milestones are driven by application scenarios, focusing on the experience of developers and users. The goal is to expand the boundaries of Web3 applications and explore the possibilities of mass adoption. To learn more and try Rooch, please refer to the Quick start documentation. For more detailed information on Rooch v0.2, please refer to the Rooch v0.2 release notes (opens in a new tab). We would like to thank the over ten developers who have contributed to Rooch so far. If you want to learn more and get involved in Rooch, please join the Rooch Discord (opens in a new tab).