Let’s Rooch!Developer Bootcamp! Master New Assets from Scratch

We’re thrilled to introduce the Developer Bootcamp to all developers interested in building on the Bitcoin Ecosystem and Rooch Network. This program aims to provide essential information about the Bitcoin Network, the Move programming language, and Rooch Network, helping developers build more smoothly on these relevant ecosystems. In addition to gaining practical skills, participants in this Bootcamp will also receive exciting rewards!

As we all know, Rooch Network is the native application layer for Bitcoin, based on a stackable L2 solution, providing a launch platform for Bitcoin assets and Bitcoin application infrastructure, bringing new possibilities to Bitcoin. Rooch Network uses the Move programming language to build a programmable blockchain platform on top of Bitcoin. This not only enhances Bitcoin's performance and scalability but also offers new opportunities for developers. Rooch Nework inherits Bitcoin's security and decentralization features while introducing the efficiency and programmability of the Move language. This allows developers to quickly build various decentralized applications on Rooch Network, covering finance, gaming, social, and more. It also offers tight integration with native Bitcoin, enabling seamless interoperability with the Bitcoin network, injecting new vitality into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin expert or a newcomer interested in blockchain technology, Rooch Network is a project worth paying attention to and understanding. Rooch looks forward to working with you to bring exciting changes in the Web3 world!

Course Details:

The Rooch Developer Bootcamp is now open for registration, with the course lasting 6 weeks. The date of the first course will be announced soon. Through the course, developers will understand the basic concepts and principles of Rooch, master Rooch's Bitcoin extension solutions, and learn to use Rooch to develop Web3 applications through hands-on practice. The course schedule is as follows:

Course Outline

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals and Development Introduction
  • Move Fundamentals and Introduction
  • Introduction to Rooch Network and Development Introduction
  • Rooch Network DApp and SDK Development
  • Bitcoin & Rooch Network Case Studies
  • In-depth Move Virtual Machine
  • Advanced Bitcoin Development

In addition to gaining practical skills, developers will receive $ROOCH token airdrop rewards (specific rules to be announced at the start of the course). The top learner will receive the latest iPhone.

Instructor Recruitment

We welcome friends with deep expertise in Bitcoin or the Move language to join us as instructors and share their experience. Interested individuals can contact @omnihand via telegram.

Additional Information:

About Rooch Network

Rooch Network is the Native Application Layer for Bitcoin Ecosystem, based on the Stackable L2 solution, serving as the go-to Bitcoin assets launchpad and Bitcoin application infra for users and devs.

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