Rooch Network Will Integrate Babylon to Secure the Native Bitcoin Application Layer

Rooch Network, the native application layer for the Bitcoin ecosystem, is excited to announce our collaboration with Babylon, the leading native Bitcoin staking and timestamping protocols, poised to unlock 21 million Bitcoin to secure the decentralized economy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to scale and secure the Bitcoin ecosystem, showcasing our mutual commitment to a more robust and resilient decentralized infrastructure with Bitcoin security.

The Babylon team has proposed innovative solutions to extend Bitcoin’s security to enhance Proof of Stake (PoS) systems, rollups, and AVS. BTC is the crypto asset with the largest market capitalization, but the vast majority of it remains idle. At its core, Babylon introduces the novel concept of Bitcoin staking, allowing Bitcoin holders to leverage their assets to enhance the security of PoS chains while earning yields on their staked Bitcoins. Unlike traditional mechanisms that require bridging or wrapping assets, Babylon’s Bitcoin staking protocol is trustless and self-custodial, offering a seamless and secure method for Bitcoin staking directly.

Rooch Network is the native application layer for the Bitcoin ecosystem, based on the Stackable L2 solution, serving as the go-to Bitcoin assets launchpad and Bitcoin application infrastructure for users and developers. By leveraging Babylon Bitcoin staking and timestamping protocols, Rooch Network sets the stage for a scalable and performant Bitcoin application layer that can serve as a cornerstone for innovative Bitcoin assets and applications.

Network Security based on Fraud Proof and Babylon

Rooch Network will integrate Babylon’s advanced security mechanisms to fortify its entire network. Specifically, Rooch will leverage Babylon BTC staking and timestamping protocols to maintain proof-of-stake (PoS) based security, and utilize Babylon Chain for fraud proof arbitration. This integration will significantly enhance the network security of the Rooch Network, ensuring robust protection against fraudulent activities and reinforcing the network’s overall integrity.

Rooch Network Supports Babylon BTC Staking

On the other side of the collaboration, Rooch Network will contribute to the Babylon ecosystem by providing innovative use cases and scenarios for BTC staked on Babylon. Utilizing Rooch’s state-binding mechanism, the network aims to unlock new functionalities and bring additional value to the Babylon community. This collaboration is expected to foster a more dynamic and valuable ecosystem for users and developers engaged with both networks.

Together, Rooch Network and Babylon will leverage strategic collaborations and technological advancements to enhance Bitcoin’s utility and accessibility, inheriting its censorship resistance and economic security to ensure robust and resilient infrastructure for Bitcoin’s future growth.

About Rooch Network

Rooch Network is the Native Application Layer for the Bitcoin Ecosystem, based on the Stackable L2 solution, serving as the go-to Bitcoin assets launchpad and Bitcoin application infra for users and devs.

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About Babylon

Babylon is a project that designs Bitcoin security sharing protocols with a vision of building a Bitcoin-secured decentralized world. Its latest development is the world’s first trustless and self-custodial Bitcoin staking protocol, which enables bitcoin holders to stake their BTC on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems such as PoS chains, L2s, Data Availability (DA) layers, oracles, etc, enabling them to earn yield without the need for third-party custody, bridge solutions, or wrapping services. Babylon's approach combines the high security and wide adoption of Bitcoin with the efficiency and scalability of PoS systems, increasing Bitcoin's utility. Babylon was founded in 2022 by Stanford Professor David Tse and Dr. Fisher Yu. Professor Tse is a member of the U.S. Academy of Engineering and is renowned as the inventor of the legendary proportional-fair scheduling algorithm for wireless communications. Babylon is led by a team of consensus protocol researchers and experienced layer 1 engineers from around the world.

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