1,000,000 $ROOCH for the Early Builders on Rooch Network

Early Builders Program

Since its inception, Rooch Network has built strong connections with numerous esteemed teams within the BTC and Move ecosystems. To further strengthen these partnerships and welcome new collaborations, we are excited to introduce the Early Builders Program. This initiative invites developers to build applications on the Rooch Network and serves as a precursor to our upcoming grant program. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to share a prize pool of 1,000,000 $ROOCH.

How it works?

Applications are officially open. Main focus towards application on Bitcoin Ecosystem. All high-quality projects for DeFi, infrastructure, tooling, gaming, metaverse, NFT, governance and more are welcome. Rooch Network aims to build the application layer of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Based on this mission, these are the basic requirements for a proposal to be considered:

  • The main theme of the proposal should revolve around applications centered on Bitcoin.
  • Support for Bitcoin eco-asset development.
  • Illustration of user experience demonstrating product-market fit.

Step 1

  • Please review the key resources of Rooch Network and complete the basic information form: Rooch Network Early Builder Program Application Form (opens in a new tab). The more specific and clear you are in your application, the better our team will understand your project proposal.
  • Join our Early Builder channel on Discord (opens in a new tab) to have direct conversations with the Rooch team.
  • Within three days of receiving an application, Rooch Network will notify applicants whether their proposal has been accepted. Rooch team will judge the application based on the technical strength, details of specifications, team experience as well as practicality.

Step 2

  • Once you receive a notification that your proposal has been accepted, you can start deploying the demo.
  • After deployment, you need to write developer documentation.
  • You will be informed of the results within one week after we receive your demo and documentation.

Step 3

  • Outstanding demos will be selected for our grant program and will receive additional funding and support.

Reward Details

  • Each participant who submits a proposal will receive 1,000 $ROOCH.
  • Each participant who deploys a demo and writes documentation will receive 50,000 $ROOCH.
  • Excellent documentation will be featured on Rooch's blog. Outstanding developers will have opportunities to join the Rooch team.
  • Outstanding demos will be selected for the Rooch grant program and will receive additional funding and support.
  • Prizes will be distributed to your account during the $ROOCH TGE (Token Generation Event).

Key resources:

About Rooch Network

Rooch Network is the Native Application Layer for Bitcoin Ecosystem, based on the Stackable L2 solution, serving as the go-to Bitcoin assets launchpad and Bitcoin application infra for users and devs.

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