Rooch Hosts Infra Frontiers Event, Focusing on Advanced Blockchain Technologies

BAY AREA, September 1, 2023 – Rooch, at the forefront of multi-chain execution layer technology, curated an event, "Infra Frontiers", one of the key panel gathering luminaries from EigenLayer, Avail, Celestia, Topia, and Ethereum Foundation to discuss and explore advancements in modular blockchain technologies.

In a captivating panel, Hlib from Celestia illustrated modularity as an indispensable step in technological evolution, highlighting the necessity of adaptable systems across industries. Dan from Avail showcased the challenges of scaling and introduced Avail’s secure and scalable solutions, emphasizing the potential to unlock exponential scaling for blockchain applications. Soubhik from EigenLayer addressed the trade-off between security and throughput in existing DA solutions, presenting EigenDA as a groundbreaking approach to achieve hyperscaling in DA throughput while inheriting security from Ethereum.

At the end, Justin from Rooch Network addressed the pressing challenges faced by overwhelmed infrastructures with limited application capabilities. He emphasized that superior infrastructures pave the way for enhanced applications. He articulated his agreement with the consensus among the speakers, asserting that the advent of the modularization era would endow developers with an enriched design space, thus cultivating innovation and injecting novel perspectives into the industry. Announcing Rooch's entry into this transformative stream with the launch of their testnet early October, he showcased their commitment to supporting multi-chain applications and contributing to the modular future.