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Partnership Announcement~ zkMove <> Rooch

· 2 min read

logo配色图 Rooch Network is delighted to announce its partnership with zkMove! Rooch will work closely with zkMove to bring its zk-rollup solution to Rooch’s fully interoperable, multi-chain ecosystem. Moreover we will explore new dApp usages and build the Move community together.

Zero-knowledge rollups or zk-rollups are a next-gen Layer2 scaling solution that enable blockchains to validate transactions faster and maintain low gas fees compared to traditional Layer 1s via a combination of on and off-chain processes.

zkMove is a zk-proof friendly Move language runtime environment. The initial idea of zkMove is to improve the programmability and composability of zk-proofs technology.

Some highlights of zkMove:

  1. A type safe zero-knowledge proof-friendly bytecode virtual machine
  2. No compromise on performance while pursuing Turing completeness
  3. Safe and efficient scaling and privacy engine

For those readers interested in a deep dive into zkMove, there is a wealth of high quality information available at the zkMove medium ( The project is also hiring qualified engineers (!

Rooch Network is committed to its partnership with zkMove, and together we will work to deliver the holy grail of blockchain on Rooch~ a fully interoperable, multi-chain ecosystem supported in part by zkMove’s layered solution.