Partnership Announcement~ zkMove <> Rooch

logo配色图 Rooch Network is delighted to announce its partnership with zkMove! Rooch will work closely with zkMove to bring its zk-rollup solution to Rooch’s fully interoperable, multi-chain ecosystem. Moreover we will explore new dApp usages and build the Move community together.

Zero-knowledge rollups or zk-rollups are a next-gen Layer2 scaling solution that enable blockchains to validate transactions faster and maintain low gas fees compared to traditional Layer 1s via a combination of on and off-chain processes.

zkMove is a zk-proof friendly Move language runtime environment. The initial idea of zkMove is to improve the programmability and composability of zk-proofs technology.

Some highlights of zkMove:

  1. A type safe zero-knowledge proof-friendly bytecode virtual machine
  2. No compromise on performance while pursuing Turing completeness
  3. Safe and efficient scaling and privacy engine

For those readers interested in a deep dive into zkMove, there is a wealth of high quality information available at the zkMove medium ( (opens in a new tab)). The project is also hiring qualified engineers ( (opens in a new tab))!

Rooch Network is committed to its partnership with zkMove, and together we will work to deliver the holy grail of blockchain on Rooch~ a fully interoperable, multi-chain ecosystem supported in part by zkMove’s layered solution.