Rooch Weekly 2023-06-12

Rooch's Development Progress

New features

Improvements and fixes

  • In #220 (opens in a new tab) completed optimization refactoring of cli, server, testsuite, added client config, added ServerConfig (default), added WalletContext to CLI.
  • Completed MoveOS VM and Session refactoring in #242 (opens in a new tab).
  • In #246 (opens in a new tab), the variable tnx representing the transaction is uniformly renamed to tx.
  • Replace Result with VMResult, PartialVMResult and refactor verify_entry_function for more complete error information.
  • Added TransactionOutput to the response at #250 (opens in a new tab). Define TransactionSequenceInfoView and TransactionExecutionView, make all enum json lowercase.
  • Fixed event query returning null in #251 (opens in a new tab).
  • Refactored State API and State RPC to make State API clearer, please refer to #255 (opens in a new tab) PR for detailed modification.
  • Updated base object example and added README documentation at #256 (opens in a new tab).
  • In #262 (opens in a new tab), renamed MoveVmExt to MoveOSVM and SessionExt to MoveOSSesson. Renamed some table_changeset variables to state_changeset. Add documentation description to MoveOSSession.

Rooch Community Dev Meeting

  • Rooch stores related design and implementation tasks planned to v0.2.
  • Discuss executeTransaction -> TransactionInfo + Transaction Output, the transaction information needs to include sequence information and execution information, and then the query function of transaction information needs to be implemented.
  • Discuss the sequence_number verification and update scheme of the account, account abstraction (signature abstraction, sequence_number is completed by the system, Gas abstraction). Regarding the design of the Gas payment function, Rooch chooses to support any Token payment for Gas.
  • Discuss ETH RPC Proxy and CallData BCS parsing issues.
  • CLI parameter type annotation support, see #217 (opens in a new tab) for discussion.
  • Related methods to disable global storage, move_to, move_from, borrow_global, borrow_global_mut, see #248 (opens in a new tab) for details.
  • Discusses the format of Rooch documentation and tests.
  • Rooch Weekly Report (development, market, activities, others), published every Monday (UTC+8), reporting the progress of the previous week.
  • 2023-06-08 Rooch community meeting recording (opens in a new tab)
    • MoveOS session refactoring and sharing of transaction finality
    • Discord discussion habits: make good use of thread