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Use Cases

This section describes the features of Rooch that bring new possibilities for applications, and new scenarios.


Rooch's multi-chain settlement allows DEX/Swap/DeFi to securely aggregate more assets and thus become more competitive.

Multi-chain asset initialization issuance

Currently a certain Token is usually issued only on one chain and then crossed to other chains via a cross-chain bridge. However, the types of assets that cross over through different cross-chain bridges may be different, which creates confusion for users. With Rooch's multi-chain settlement and cross-layer state migration capabilities, assets can be initialized and issued on multiple chains at the same time, and can be interconnected through Rooch.

State Channel Applications

State channel on Rooch can execute smart contracts. Current applications that can be connected via P2P can be refactored by Rooch to create business models using streaming payments or Token economic models that no longer rely on centralized services.

Possible application scenarios.

  1. P2P games: Rooch provides settlement of state channel and fraud proof capabilities.
  2. Decentralized email/IM: Rooch provides state channel settlement and can support DID and decentralized storage solution on P2P networks.

Our related explorations in state channel applications.

  1. Thor: Implement a WASM-based smart contract engine on Lightning Network, through a third-party arbitration service, players can play games on Lightning Network.
  2. Gobang game on Move State Channel: a proof-of-concept solution for Move state channel that implements Gobang game on the state channel, with the game logic implemented via Move.