Rooch is a smart contract execution runtime with the following features:

  • MoveVM - Rooch embeds a full MoveVM for developers to program the smart contracts with Move Language
  • Scalable - Rooch is a fast execution environment that can achieve 100k peak TPS when composed in a network
  • Modular - Rooch has abstracted interfaces which enables different DA Layer, Settlement Layer and Arbitration Layer to be integrated


Rooch Architecture
  • RPC - RPC component provides access endpoint for users and developers to upload Move modules as well as send transactions to call contracts and native functions
    • RPC Proxy is a special components designed for interpreting differernt transaction structures to the native schema to allow users sending transactions directly from all kinds of wallets in the market. E.g. users can directly send transactions from MetaMask to call a Move contract on Rooch
  • MoveOS - MoveOS is the component that does all the computational and storage work
    • flexEmu is a general purpose MIPS emulator that generates Fraud Proof for exeuction
    • MoveVM is a full function turing-complete VM that executes smart contracts written in Move Language
    • State Storage contains all the user and contract states
  • Role Specific Modules - These are the funcational modules that allow node operators to config their nodes as different roles in a Layered network (see Rooch Network for more details)
  • Interfaces - Rooch has built-in interfaces to work with different layers. Interfaces being abstracted enough ensures that Rooch will be able to adapt to different ecosystems.

Find out more about Rooch on GitHub (opens in a new tab)