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Hello Rooch

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A long, long time ago in a galaxy, far, far, wait– January 3rd, 2009, bitcoin went live on mainnet with the mining of its genesis block, and the blockchain was born. It wasn’t until 2015 that Ethereum 1.0 broke out onto the scene, delivering its landscape altering smart contracts. Ever since the blockchain industry has been rapidly iterating. Today, a pantheon of Layer1s have risen to the fore, delivering a suite of sophisticated features and application scenarios that have begun to disrupt traditional finance as we know it.

Baked into blockchain is the need to iterate, to seek the most optimal expression of crypto technology. And the holy grail is decentralized native multi-chain settlement that makes no sacrifices in its quest for throughput, security, or centralization. What if I told you Rooch Network can deliver on this dearest wish?

Rooch was one of the earliest infrastructure teams focused on layered solutions and the Move ecosystem. In 2018 the team focused on layer2 solutions for bitcoin’s lightning network, and after building the first Move-based state channel on libra in 2019, our team built the first Move public blockchain: Starcoin, then through 2022 created the Starcoin Framework, DeFi application scenarios, Bridges, MoveJS, MovefunsDAO, & DAOspace. In 2022 the Rooch team designed OMO, a general bytecode emulator with per-step state proof, which can be used to generate fraud proofs for optimistic rollup. OMO will be deployed on Rooch with zkMove, a ZK-rollup project we have an established partnership with. Rooch's architecture combines Optimistic & ZK via its ZK Prover, achieving the benefits of both solutions.

There’s a reason a project like Rooch doesn’t exist yet… only Rooch’s team has the technical ability and experience to bring a project of this magnitude to market.

Rooch core team is made strong by its emphasis on decentralization, with its core founding members scattered across the world. Jolestar is our Move Master Jedi, the Architect of Starcoin, a genius founder committed to high ideals. Triplex is a Einstein Quant developer with years of experience in distributed storage, and has the big brain to go with it. Chirstina Li wears many hats in service of Rooch, and has a wealth of investment experience in fintech (figure, klarna) before she applied her skills to web3 at Helium. Joe Chen, a core member of Rooch, literally translated the book on Move, MoveBook. Haichao is our team’s glue, an accomplished DevRel from Algorand & Aptos. Ren is Rooch’s Marketing lead, an entrepreneur with several businesses & a published author, graduated magna cum laude from LMU with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Lerencao was a core dev at Starcoin, is the Architect of Rooch’s OMO, and has years of blockchain experience. Sven is our resident Web2 expert, produced web2 games, and is the dev for DAOspace. We have the architect of MoveJS, Owen WU, a battle-hardened Move dev & full-stack developer, and 0xpause, a former AI engineer that cut his dev teeth at starcoin helping build the Starcoin Framework and DAOspace. WillQ is an expert in compiler, EVM, and Rust. Lshoo is a senior developer and architect with more than 10 years of web2 development experience supported by deep competencies in Scala, Rust, WebAssembly & Move, and work experience at Cosmos and Substrate. Roy Lieu is an expert in VM with years of experience in VM development.

Rooch is THE team uniquely positioned to leverage its applied technical experience to produce a miracle in blockchain tech: Rooch Network: a modular layer2 with multi-chain settlement powered by Move language and secured by Ethereum. Almost any web2 App can be refactored into a web3 DApp by the Rooch modular framework.

Rooch will implement a generic and verifiable contract execution environment. The overall idea is inspired by Cannon, and borrows part of its implementation from the Qiling framework. The network boasts throughput at 100,000 TPS.

On its Layer2, Rooch supports Decentralized ID, a plug-and-play DAO framework that supports fully on-chain voting and governance, Wallets with increased security thanks to Move, DEX, DeFi protocols, & Marketplaces. In the case of a project building on Rooch that requires a large scale NFT issuance, such as NFT minting in the tens of millions or hundreds of millions issuance, Rooch will allow the entire process from collection planning to minting to future trading to be fully on-chain, and always trackable. So if Instagram wants to have all of its pics produced everyday as NFTs, Rooch can do that. Additionally, for NFT props in GameFi projects on Rooch, we will be able to enable the props to upgrade or level up into more powerful items while ensuring the whole process and item features remain coherent on-chain.

Here’s an industry shattering capability– not only does Rooch significantly enhance smart contract security, it opens the door to multi-chain token & NFT launches. Any team worth its salt will rush to Rooch for this feature alone.

Rooch’s Layer3 opens up a new frontier with its instant transaction confirmation and distributed P2P network. The bread and butter of web2, micropayments, are brought back from the dead for blockchain. Any application can leverage the rooch-enabled P2P network to enable microtransactions, all they have to do is pay the network fee per byte, no proof of storage required. Rooch’s Modular DApp framework lets projects broaden their target market in the planning stage, while the move language and its modules shrink the development window for faster time to market.

Rooch is the missing link, the golden goose that will deliver on the “ancient” promise of a decentralized, fast & secure, multi-chain world.

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